Bad Ass Cigars

549 Tomoka Farms Rd, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Our Story

The Story Of Badass Cigars. The founder and creator loves his bikes and a good cigar, so he decided to create his own company.

He knew what he wanted in a cigar, and began researching all the highest rated cigar manufacturers. He now makes them available to his customers.

Several of his brands are crafted exclusively for Badass Cigar Company by one of the top boutique cigar-makers in Nicaragua. They use a handmade manufacturing process reminiscent of the old cigar factories years ago, (Old School) long before the era of mass produced cigars. Each cigar blend is well aged and has a kick ass deep rich flavor. It’s a dynamite smoke a complex powerhouse with full-bodied flavors and spices. It’s one bad ass cigar. The perfect cigar.


Our Goal

Good friends, Fine Cigars, and travel has always been a passion of ours. So what better than to turn it into our business. So much more than a traveling store. Our goal is not just to sell you one of our premium cigars. We are a bit old school and want to provide that service of helping you select from our inventory and set up your cigar for you.


Our Commitment to Quality

We listen to our patrons and bring the finest quality cigars, accessories, and apparel to you. We pride ourselves on service as well as our products. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Our flagship brand BADASS cigars is exclusive to the events we do. Not found in stores. So they make a great gift for those looking for something unique to the lover of the leaf.